Creating a mobile-based gym network subscription app.

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Project Overview

Fitmate is an app-enabled subscription-based gym access service. Once subscribed to Fitmate, users have access to hundreds of partner gyms nationwide anytime.

The client worked with Ontik Technology as their MVP partner, comprehensively building their first go-to-market app, starting from the Ui screens to full-scale development.

Project Scope

  • Ability for users to open accounts and subscribe to partner gyms.
  • Giving users access to a tiered system of gyms based on their subscription plan; select various lessons provided by partner gyms.
  • Geolocation of Fitmate network gyms.
  • Integration of QR Code for seamless partner gym accessibility.

Project Flow

  • Develop the wireframe followed by the Ui screens in Figma
  • Design and develop software infrastructure.
  • Preparation of roadmap for go-to-market MVP and sprint design in a ClickUp sprint board.
  • Application deployment in AWS cloud.

Project Impact

  • The app is a fully workable MVP that is ready for Go-To-Market.

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"Working with Ontik Technology has been an amazing experience for our team"

GiftAll BD's collaboration with Ontik Technology has transformed our brand and business. Their expertise and commitment have elevated our ecommerce presence, resulting in increased sales and a more engaged customer base. The Ontik team's passion and dedication have made them a true partner in our growth story. We highly recommend Ontik Technology for their invaluable contributions to our success.

Fojael Ahmed
Owner, Giftall BD