Chippit is a platform that enables users to pool money together for shared financial goals, emphasizing community support and trust.

Team Augmentation
Mobile Development
Technology used
React Native, TypeScript, Python, Dynamo DB, Amazon AWS
Technical Consultation, Talented Resource Sourcing, Monthly Monitoring & Reporting, Administrative
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Project Overview

Chippit is a platform that allows users to pool money together for shared financial goals.Users can create or join money pools to achieve objectives like paying off debt, buying a car, saving for a home deposit, or planning a holiday.The community aspect of Chippit enables individuals to multiply the power of their money by chipping in together.


Project Scope

  • Hiring and onboarding of full-stack mobile app developers and machine learning engineers.
  • Provide administrative support for these resources (eg. Timesheets, monthly performance reports)

Process Flow

  • Talent Sourcing: Leveraging our networks and recruitment platforms to find candidates that match the technical and cultural needs of the project.
  • Interview and Selection: Coordinating with Chippit’s hiring managers to conduct interviews and select the most suitable candidates.
  • Onboarding: Facilitating a comprehensive onboarding process to integrate new hires into the project, ensuring they are aligned with project goals and technology stacks.
  • Ongoing Support: Providing continuous administrative and HR support to the augmented staff, including performance monitoring and addressing any employment-related concerns.

Project Impact

With the strategic partnership with Ontik technology and the successful implementation of staff augmentation, Chippit significantly advanced its development timeline, delivering a robust and scalable platform that supports the fintech industry’s growth. The combination of a comprehensive technology stack and specialized talent enabled Chippit to:

  • Enhance User Experience: Deliver a user-friendly app that simplifies the process of pooling money for shared goals.
  • Foster Community Engagement: Create a platform that not only serves financial purposes but also builds a sense of community and shared purpose among users.
  • Drive Financial Innovation: Contribute to the fintech ecosystem by offering a novel solution that promotes financial collaboration and literacy.

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What Our Clients Think About Us

"Ontik Technology set up our full development team in just 2 weeks' time!"

"Ontik Technology set up our full development team in just 2 weeks' time! It takes other agencies more than 5 times as long to do that. We're already on track to finish our development after just a few months!" - Eli Muse, Founder and CEO of Chippit. Chippit is the top trending app in the Google Play in Australia. We helped them build their product team for shipping the product into the market quickly.

Eli Muse
Founder & CEO

"In 3 months they turned our idea into a complete Unicorn-worthy software."

"Ontik Technology came in and did everything for us. We didn't have to think about design, development or the tech stack... In 3 months they turned our idea into a complete Unicorn-worthy software." - Daniel Wight, Co-founder of Fitmate. Fitmate is a gym aggregator app-based startup from Australia and Ontik Technology helped them turn their idea into a reality. A quick working MVP is hitting the market generating revenues as well as traction from the audience.

Daniel Wight