Development of a revolutionary social betting app.

MVP Partnership
Dedicated Tech Team
Mobile Development
Technology used
Flutter, PHP, Laravel
Brand Guideline, Mobile App, Admin Portal, Figma Screens
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Project Overview

Pioneering social betting by combining user-driven sports betting with social media, CircleBet is an online social betting services firm that offers a unique and customized betting service.

The client approached Ontik Technology seeking to create a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly integrated social interaction with sports betting. After the launch of MVP, Ontik Technology will provide full time engineers for CircleBet.

Project Scope

  • Developing a comprehensive brand guideline for CircleBet
  • Developing a wireframe and UI
  • Full App built for cross platform

App Features

  • Betting Module: Users can create and participate in bets for upcoming matches, with defined bet states for easy tracking.
  • Matchmaking and Counter Bets: The app implements a matchmaking system, merging identical counter bets to enhance user engagement.
  • Results and Statistics: A dedicated section provides insights into resolved bets, including total bets and winning amounts.
  • Marketplace for Bets: Users access a user-friendly bet marketplace with filtering options based on team names, amounts, odds, and resolved days.
  • User Account Management: The app offers a comprehensive user account system allowing credit conversion, password changes, and viewing bet history.
  • Badges, Awards, and Leaderboard: Gamification elements include badges and awards based on specific criteria, displayed on a dynamic leaderboard.
  • Social Circle and Notifications: Users can form social circles for connections, send invitation links, and receive notifications for game interactions and news.
  • Communication and Chat: A chat feature facilitates user interaction, bet acceptance, and communication on accepted and invited bets.

Process Flow

  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of CircleBet's vision and objectives, taking into account their unique concept of merging social interaction with sports betting.
  • Selected the appropriate technologies for developing the MVP, POC, app, backend, Ui, and frontend to ensure a robust and scalable platform.
  • Collaborated to develop the MVP and POC, design the Ui, and create the necessary backend infrastructure to support the social betting concept.
  • Crafted a brand guideline that captured CircleBet's identity, ensuring consistency in their visual and messaging elements.
  • Rigorous testing at each stage to guarantee a bug-free and high-quality platform to provide a seamless user experience.


Project Results 

  • The creation of a CircleBet brand guideline contributed to a strong and recognizable brand identity.
  • CircleBet's MVP is ready for market and is well-positioned for future growth and expansion, as it continues to attract users who seek a unique social and interactive sports betting experience.
  • Their development and R&D costs were reduced to less than half which provided them a competitive edge in the market as a startup.

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What Our Clients Think About Us

"Ontik Technology set up our full development team in just 2 weeks' time!"

"Ontik Technology set up our full development team in just 2 weeks' time! It takes other agencies more than 5 times as long to do that. We're already on track to finish our development after just a few months!" - Eli Muse, Founder and CEO of Chippit. Chippit is the top trending app in the Google Play in Australia. We helped them build their product team for shipping the product into the market quickly.

Eli Muse
Founder & CEO

"In 3 months they turned our idea into a complete Unicorn-worthy software."

"Ontik Technology came in and did everything for us. We didn't have to think about design, development or the tech stack... In 3 months they turned our idea into a complete Unicorn-worthy software." - Daniel Wight, Co-founder of Fitmate. Fitmate is a gym aggregator app-based startup from Australia and Ontik Technology helped them turn their idea into a reality. A quick working MVP is hitting the market generating revenues as well as traction from the audience.

Daniel Wight