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Suvro Dev

Suvro Dev, an illustrious Bangladeshi musician, has made significant contributions to the realm of modern romantic music. Born in Sylhet, he laid the foundation of his academic pursuits at Sylhet Government Pilot High School, passing the matriculation exam with flying colors. His academic journey led him to the University of Dhaka, where he attained his MSc in Biochemistry. Despite his scientific background, Dev's true passion lay in music, a fact underscored by his winning the President's Award in music on BTV's "Nutun Kuri" contest in 1978.

Embarking on his musical career in the mid-1980s, Dev released his debut album "Hemiloner Bashiwala" in 1984, marking the beginning of a prolific output that would encompass 25 albums by June 2014. His discography includes notable works such as "Hamiloner Banshiwala," "Jewel Shmoroney," and "Jey Banshi Bhengey Gechhey." Dev's versatility as a singer is evident from his performances alongside other celebrated artists, including Shakila Zafar and Alka Yagnik. He also earned the distinction of being among the first Bangladeshi artists to feature in music videos produced by MTV.

Dev's contributions to the arts extend beyond music; his telefilm "Strir Potro" garnered the best telefilm award at the 2003 Uro Binodon Bichitra Awards. In recognition of his immense contributions to Bangladeshi music and culture, Suvro Dev was honored with the prestigious Ekushey Padak in 2024, one of the highest civilian awards in Bangladesh. This accolade not only celebrates his musical achievements but also his enduring impact on the cultural landscape of Bangladesh.

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