Development of a customized cross-border e-commerce platform.

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PHP, Laravel
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Project Overview

GiftallBD is a leading cross-border e-commerce platform in Bangladesh, specializing in a wide range of gift items and personalized products. One can send a gift through GiftallBD with customizable services; additionally, GiftallBD will take care of sourcing, wrapping, presenting and delivering the product to the desired person.

The client sought to initiate their digital presence and provide customers with a seamless online shopping experience. So, they partnered with Ontik Technology for the development of a robust cross border e-commerce website from scratch.


Project Features

  • Ontik Technology designed and developed a user-friendly e-commerce website that showcased GiftallBD's extensive product catalog. Website features included easy navigation, secure payment options, and personalized product recommendations.
  • The project required the creation of unique features such as geolocated pricing, international payment options, packaged product options, customer offerings, etc.
  • Ontik's integration of multiple payment gateways ensured secure multicurrency payment processing.
  • SEO friendly practices were implemented.
  • Super fast loading and smooth customer experience was guaranteed via cloud deployment and special chaching technology.


Project Impact

  • The client has grown from boostrap stage to a renowned e-commerce business in Bangladesh.
  • The user-friendly interface, fast loading and smooth navigation resulted in a 70% decrease in bounce rates, indicating improved user engagement.
  • GiftallBD's customer retention rate improved by 80%, with loyal customers appreciating the convenience of the new digital platform.


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What Our Clients Think About Us

"Ontik Technology set up our full development team in just 2 weeks' time!"

"Ontik Technology set up our full development team in just 2 weeks' time! It takes other agencies more than 5 times as long to do that. We're already on track to finish our development after just a few months!" - Eli Muse, Founder and CEO of Chippit. Chippit is the top trending app in the Google Play in Australia. We helped them build their product team for shipping the product into the market quickly.

Eli Muse
Founder & CEO

"In 3 months they turned our idea into a complete Unicorn-worthy software."

"Ontik Technology came in and did everything for us. We didn't have to think about design, development or the tech stack... In 3 months they turned our idea into a complete Unicorn-worthy software." - Daniel Wight, Co-founder of Fitmate. Fitmate is a gym aggregator app-based startup from Australia and Ontik Technology helped them turn their idea into a reality. A quick working MVP is hitting the market generating revenues as well as traction from the audience.

Daniel Wight