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Outsourced MVP development refers to the practice of entrusting the creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to an external service provider or development team.
Quickly bring your product idea to life by outsourcing MVP development for efficient prototype creation.
Cut costs with outsourced MVP development, avoiding the need for a full-time, in-house development team.
Tap into a variety of skills and experience by outsourcing MVP development, ensuring a high-quality and versatile product.

Advantages: How our partnership will boost building your MVP?

Specialized Expertise

Access a team with specific MVP development skills.

Speed to Market

Swiftly launch your product within stringent timelines.

Cost Efficiency

Save costs compared to in-house development.


Strategic Choices: When to outsource your MVP dev?

Startup Kickoff

Ideal for startups launching new products and keeping the business lean.

Concept Validation

Quickly test the feasibility and market potential of a software product idea.

Accelerated Development

Rapid launch is crucial for seizing market opportunities.

Agile Development Development

Release a basic version, collect feedback, and continuously improve.

Risk Mitigation

Minimizing the risk of investing in a full-fledged product without market validation is a priority.

Long-Term Vision

A development partner is committed not only to launching the MVP but also evolving the product based on market feedback.

why you should work with us

Crafting success: Our approach to MVP development


Strategic consulting

Expertise Beyond Code: With a track record of building successful products for various clients and experiencing our product-building journey, we bring more than just technical skills. Our team excels in business analysis, financials, and brand design, offering strategic consulting to drive your product's success.


Industry standard methods

Proven Methodologies: We adhere to industry-standard product development methods such as Agile and Scrum, ensuring efficiency, adaptability, and high-quality outcomes. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of design thinking and lean startup principles, guaranteeing a seamless and effective development process.


Dedicated team

Your Success, Our Priority: Building on our extensive experience, we assemble a dedicated team tailored to your project needs. This team is equipped to rapidly deploy and develop your product, ensuring a swift entrance into the market. With Ontik, your project becomes our collective mission.


Continuous feedback

Agile Collaboration: We understand that in the dynamic world of startups, project scopes evolve. That's why we emphasize continuous feedback loops. Working closely with you throughout the development journey, we keep you in the loop, ensuring your vision is not just realized but enhanced through iterative improvements.


Building excellence:
Essential steps in Ontik Technology’s Custom Software Development


Scope Definition

Detailed discussions to gather all project requirements. We work closely with the founders to understand what problems they are trying to solve with their product. We then provide consultancy to validate the concept and narrow down the scopes for Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


Prototyping & Planning

Collaborative design sessions and project planning are executed. We design the wireframes, create an initial design prototype. We validate our designs from possible target audience. Development: Agile development with regular client feedback loops.


Development and Quality Assurance

We deploy a team to develop the product. We arrange weekly, fortnightly and monthly meetings for various committees to ensure the success of the launch. Rigorous testing routines are performed to ensure the software meets quality standards.



Smooth deployment and integration into existing systems.

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Frontend and Backend technologies

Node JS
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Vue JS
Ruby on Rails
Dot Net
Go Lang
AWS Lambda
Spring Boot

Android, IOS and Cross-platform technologies

Android Native
IOS Native
React Native

Data Science, Data Visualization, Big Data technologies

Power BI

Data Science, Data Visualization, Big Data technologies

Microsoft Dynamic 365
Oracle Cloud ERP
Power BI

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How is the MVP scope defined in collaboration with Ontik?

We conduct comprehensive discovery sessions to define a scope that is fully aligned with your goals.

Can I provide feedback during the MVP development process?

Absolutely! We encourage continuous feedback loops for improvements.

What level of involvement can I expect during the development phase?

You'll have a dedicated team and can be as involved as you wish during the development journey.

How quickly can Ontik deliver the first version of the MVP?

Depending on the scope, our agile approach ensures rapid development and quick iterations. We usually suggest 3-4 months to build a product from concept to MVP and launch to the market.