Dedicated Team: Build the perfect team for your project!

With diverse tech roles, expertise overdrive, and code-crafted brilliance, assemble your power squad for the future-proof software triumphs!

What is a dedicated software development team?

A Dedicated Tech Team is a specialized group of skilled professionals exclusively assigned to your project.
We will assign a team under your project manager, and you can manage the team as per your requirements.

Strategic choices: When to choose a Dedicated Tech Team?

Long-term project initiatives

Choose a dedicated team when your project demands ongoing development and maintenance over an extended period, ensuring consistent and dedicated resources.

Flexibility in project scope

Opt for a dedicated team if your project's scope is likely to evolve or change dynamically, as this model allows for flexibility and adaptation to shifting requirements.

Need for specialized skills

Opt for a dedicated team when your project demands specific expertise not available in-house, enabling you to quickly assemble a team with the required technical proficiency.

Scalability requirements

Select the dedicated team model if your project may need to scale up or down in terms of team size based on evolving demands, offering easy scalability.

Active involvement in project

Choose a dedicated team if you prefer direct control and involvement in the development process, as this model allows for ongoing collaboration and client input.

Cost efficiency and predictability

Opt for a dedicated team when cost predictability is crucial, and you prefer paying for actual time and effort invested, providing transparency and control over development costs.

Service Offerings

Types of engagement.

Tailored Expertise

Access a team crafted with various roles for your project's specific requirements. In a dedicated team model, each team member is selected based on their specific skills and expertise, aligning precisely with the project's requirements. This tailored approach ensures that the team possesses the right knowledge and capabilities to address the unique challenges of the project. As a result, you benefit from a group of professionals who are not only well-versed in their individual roles but also collectively create a comprehensive skill set that matches the project's needs perfectly.

Agile Scaling

Easily scale resources up or down based on your project demands. Whether your project requires additional resources to meet increased demands or a streamlined team for a more focused phase, the agile scaling feature allows for quick and efficient adjustments. This adaptability is particularly valuable in dynamic project environments where requirements may evolve, and the team size needs to align with the project's current demands. With agile scaling, you have the ability to optimize resource allocation, ensuring that the team's composition aligns precisely with the project's scope and objectives at any given stage.


A typical "Tech Team" consists of:

Front-end Developers
The creative coder who makes the front face of the software and makes it interact.
Back-end Developers
The behind-the-scenes tech guru who keeps everything running smoothly.
Project/Product Manager
The project orchestra conductor, ensuring everyone hits the right notes on time.
Software QA
The bug buster – they make sure our software is rock-solid.
Business Analyst
The project detective, gathering and analyzing requirements for success.
UI/UX Designer
The design maestro who crafts a user experience that wows.
DevOps Engineer
The tech multitasker, ensuring seamless collaboration for smooth operations.

Mix and match and build your own team from our arsenal of resources

Mobile App Developers
AR, VR, MR Developers
Ui/UX Designers
Data Scientists
Quality Assurance Engineers
our expertise

Choose your stack and we'll deliver.

Frontend and Backend technologies

Node JS
React JS
Vue JS
Ruby on Rails
Dot Net
Go Lang
AWS Lambda
Spring Boot

Android, IOS and Cross-platform technologies

Android Native
IOS Native
React Native

Data Science, Data Visualization, Big Data technologies

Power BI

Data Science, Data Visualization, Big Data technologies

Microsoft Dynamic 365
Oracle Cloud ERP
Power BI

Building excellence:
Essential steps to build your dedicated team.



Collaborative assessment of project requirements.


Team formation

Handpicking experts tailored to project needs.


Agile onboarding

Swift integration into your project environment and start development.


Transparent workflow

Real-time tracking and updates on project progress.


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What is the process of selecting and assembling a dedicated team for my project?

At Ontik Technology, we conduct a collaborative assessment to understand your project's unique requirements. We then handpick experts tailored to your specific needs. Agile onboarding methods ensure swift integration into your project environment, allowing for a seamless start to development.

Can I customize and manage the team according to my project requirements?

Absolutely! When opting for a dedicated team, you have complete control. You can manage the team under your project manager, ensuring you maintain direct involvement and oversight. It's a flexible model that allows you to tailor the team according to evolving project needs.

How do you ensure transparent communication and progress tracking during the project?

We ensure transparency in workflow by providing real-time tracking and updates on the project's progress. Our collaborative tools and communication channels enable seamless communication and continuous updates, ensuring alignment and clarity throughout the development phase.

Can the team be scaled based on project requirements?

Indeed! Our agile scaling feature allows for easy and efficient adjustments in the team size as per project demands. Whether you need to expand resources to meet increased demands or streamline the team for a more focused phase, we adapt and align the team size precisely with your project's evolving needs.